Category design

Positive is part of the Category Design Advisors network. A collection of some of the finest minds in Tech Marketing with direct input into the best-selling management book, Play Bigger.

Not familiar with category design? Load a glass, cup or bowl and read the book.

Category Design is the strategic discipline of creating and monetizing new markets in a noisy world. The journey starts with a deep understanding of the problem you solve. If this problem is truly important, your solution needs to solve this differently. This way lies riches.

Our campaigns and content are based on solidly differentiated messaging and inspired by the creative world outside of IT.

Problems are often the proxy for a new technical market Category. For founding teams, this is the strategic missing they see clearly in a noisy world. Unsolved problems may keep them up at night and drive them to build a product, company and Category to solve these problems. But without a compelling Point Of View to convince others, you have only some unmet needs, some code, perhaps some investment and hope.

Many of the greatest category leaders have practised the discipline of Category Design instinctively. These tech legends focused maniacally on making the world understand why their breakthrough innovations mattered. By educating the market about unsolved problems they led their customers to create custom-made Categories, which they were best-placed to solve.

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