Best model wins - it's time to renew insurance pricing


Pieces of coverage across UK and US for the series B funding news (one release)


Increase in Share of Voice YoY against competitors including Aon Tyche and WTW Radar


Tier 1 insurance or national media

Our challenge

Despite technology bringing a wealth of changes to rate making, from feature comparison to boosting ‘explainability’ to consumers, there is still very little authoritative literature on the value of modern tech to insurance pricing. To date, all the major “pricing tools” promoted as modern were really just fancy calculators – owned by insurance giants Aon, WTW and Verisk.

The big secret about their products? None of them work. This created a gap for a new pricing solution – hyperexponential. 

Hyperexponential approached Positive to help the four year old startup take on “household brands” in insurance. However, as a young company, hyperexponential had never worked with a PR agency before. We were starting from scratch with one goal – “we want to be in the leading insurance trade publications.”

That’s just what we achieved.

Our response

First step, position hyperexponential as a thought leader against competitors with existing journalist contacts and brands with real heritage.

Leveraging customer stories alongside regular access to SMEs, quickly increased the cadence and quality of articles across almost every insurance media title, affirming hyperexponential as Insurance pricing experts. However, to reach every publication, we needed to go bigger.  Thought leadership, trending stories and company news will only get you so far – we needed to prove the insurance industry woes hyperexponential spoke about were still very real today.

We created a large piece of research targeting US and UK Specialty and Commercial underwriters and actuaries to understand their gripes and fears today, tomorrow and in the future.

The results

In one year, with our support and direction, hyperexponential is known by every single specialty and commercial insurance journalist. We increased the number of articles by over six times, from 11 articles in 2022 (mostly Fintech Global reposts of blogs) to 66 and counting in 2023, 69% of which were in tier 1 insurance or national publications. 

During the year, we worked on a series B funding release in which hyperexponential raised $73 million, which included drafting the release, pitching, and leading briefings with the press. Reuters broke the news as an exclusive and we secured 234 pieces of coverage across the UK and US, with the news  featured in all the key insurance, national, technology and startup media.

They asked to be known by all insurance journalists and now they are.