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Our challenge

Even in today’s B2B space, some technologies are cooler than others. The coolest get all the best press, the less cool find it more challenging. On the face of it, Boomi is not cool.

Self-styled ‘middleware’, Boomi is the bridge between an operating system or database and applications. It rarely sees the spotlight being so far down in the weeds, and is sandwiched between “more important” technology.

Despite this, Boomi enables some of the most important processes, which all of us take for granted. Tapping our card on the Tube barrier, kicking off a complex workflow to debit our bank account for the correct amount and issuing a virtual ticket for a specific route is just one example of how powerful Boomi can be. Positive’s mission was to change the ‘boring’ perceptions and showcase Boomi’s might.

Following a number of years being underrepresented by a former agency (a top-five UK tech PR company), Boomi approached Positive to increase its Share of Voice against very noisy and successful competitors (such as Mulesoft, recently acquired by Salesforce, a $200bn tech giant), and increase the cadence of its PR results – ultimately showcasing how Boomi enables some of the coolest companies in the world to innovate and modernise with their data.

Our response

Ahead of speaking to the UK press, Positive carried out an initial AI-powered social listening project to ascertain key trends faced by Boomi’s prospects. Some of these did not have an obvious relationship with technology, which is where Positive could craft the most insightful narratives. Positive crafted a set of pre-canned commentary on each of these trends and used them in proactive fast-follow situations where journalists required rapid commentary. Core topics included:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Service outages
  • Low code
  • Emerging technologies

Refreshed on a quarterly basis, or as new issues arise, the pre-approved commentary gives Positive the ability to respond to the media, without the need for lengthy corporate approval.

In addition to trendjacking, Positive generated a total of seven press briefings between Boomi’s core technology media and Mike Kiersey. Successfully elevating his professional profile – as well as Boomi’s expertise – to align with potential real-word applications for Boomi’s technology. Now, Mike’s profile in the media that matters most to Boomi, is significant. Mike is now a ‘go-to’ for many top titles for commentary on a number of topics.

The results

In just a few months, Positive has secured more than 280 pieces of coverage, a 76% increase Y.O.Y, in hyper-relevant media including The Register, Computer Weekly, Information Age and Diginomica. This reach extended to national business titles such as City AM, and vertical-relevant titles in the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and financial services sectors, alongside core IT channel media. Overcoming the “Boomi who?” problem in UK media, and the cynicism toward Boomi’s benefits was a hard-fought battle. Positive’s customer reference programme has seen Boomi customers such as Eve Sleep, Sky and Europe’s largest shipping port, North Sea Port, gain media coverage, too.

Boomi AI-powered social listening