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Our challenge

Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset. Ninety-four percent of Fortune 100 companies rely on Veritas today. Yet, when Veritas approached Positive, it lacked a persuasive narrative to really bring its story to life.

The brief was to rapidly create a Veritas voice in the data governance and information management market across EMEA. Positive adopted a ‘strike’ strategy, an integrated marketing push, to position Veritas as the global thought leader on information management. An extensive research-driven campaign delivered stunningly measurable lead generation results, within just six weeks.

Our response

Positive developed a research methodology, collated four competitive research bids, then built a highly-differentiated survey instrument, designed to uncover exactly how organizations across the world are coping with their data today. The survey covered zeitgeist topics, from how data is stored to how much of it is business critical. In addition, it explored how organizations plan to adopt the cloud and even touched on data security practices.

Once launched, Positive analysed the results from 1,525 senior IT decision makers across 15 countries. From the analysis, Positive developed core content messaging, dispelling three core myths of the industry revealed by the research, and created the concept of the ‘Databerg’, which represented the scale of waste in IT systems of businesses across EMEA.

The results

This campaign helped Veritas achieve more than 100 dedicated articles in EMEA, and 237 distributions on PR Newswire including many dailies, business and traditional IT press, and top Tier 1 titles including BBC News, ZDNet France, The Times of Israel, and CIO. The Databerg report itself was downloaded over 10,000 times and the BBC News article Positive secured generated 1,275 downloads alone. The Databerg campaign generated 57,000 raw leads.

The campaign was delivered within the six week timescale, and following its success, Positive rolled the Databerg campaign out globally across the US and APAC markets for Veritas.