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Our challenge

Behind the scenes of everyday life, the applications and technology we rely on create billions of “events”. Some think of this as plumbing, but it’s actually far more complex than that. These events power our connected world, and without them, our trains wouldn’t run on time, the world’s financial economy would crash to a halt, and we wouldn’t be able to swipe left, or right.

Nobody wants to know these events are happening. We only notice when they don’t happen – causing frustration in the seamless digital experiences we now demand. Event Driven Architecture, otherwise known as EDA, might sound like just another boring three letter acronym, very common in the B2B tech space. Yet, as always, the devil is in the detail.

Solace, an EDA leader, helps organizations like NASA, The London Stock Exchange, Groupe Renault and Barclays Bank deliver the smart movement of data. The problem? Solace’s rich and exciting story requires a technological understanding too ‘down in the weeds’ for most journalists.

Our response

Positive’s response focused on bringing Solace’s expertise to life – converging its inherent data-expertise with timely and relevant news stories. Positive created a proactive press office for Solace which focused on leveraging hyper-relevant news stories to demonstrate the benefits of Solace’s expertise. For the niche community of Event Architecture experts, Positive’s work has raised Solace’s profile as an EDA leader among its core community.

In addition, Positive worked to elevate Solace’s expertise to alert the business and national media to the importance and power of real-time Event Driven Architecture. One timely example of this was the Suez Canal blockage.

Positive spotted this story making headlines across the world. Working closely with the Solace team, Positive created commentary on the impact to the global supply chain, positioning Solace as experts, highlighting how modern Event Driven Architecture could solve the issue.

The results

Since working with Solace, Positive has delivered unparallelled levels of coverage for Solace across a broad range of media. With rapid trendjacking at the heart of the day-to-day agenda, Positive has achieved coverage in news and analysis pieces across a range of publications, from The Telegraph and Business Insider, through to the staple technology media, Computer Weekly, Information Age and Computing. In addition, Positive has achieved results in vertical media, which is important for Solace’s GTM strategy – from financial to supply chain and automotive.