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Our challenge

Sectigo, the #1 leader in SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, deliver enterprise-grade PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and provide multi-layer security solutions for some of the world’s most well known brands; Red Bull and Intel to name just a couple. Sectigo plays a pivotal role in securing enterprise web assets, yet struggled to capitalise on the fast-paced news agenda in the UK.

Today’s cybersecurity buyers face a deluge of technologies, each jostling for position. For vendors, cutting through the cyber noise is no walk in the park, and for internet users, the internet is not the safe place it once seemed. Positive was tasked by Sectigo to tell a powerful story at the intersection of these three issues and gain a share of voice against core competitors Venafi, DigiCert and GlobalSign.

Our response

Positive advised moving away from low-value publications with little reach; focusing instead on striking relationships with national, business and core technology publications. Positive helped Sectigo develop trendjacking commentary, from high-profile hacks and outages to quantum commuting, Positive positioned Sectigo as world-leading commentators on a wide range of cyber security issues.

As part of an additional campaign to demonstrate the issues Sectigo helps enterprises solve, Positive desk-researched the ‘security status’ of the world’s top travel and banking websites and created infographics illustrating the findings. These were pitched by the Positive team, proactively creating news, rather than just reacting to it. This hitherto unknown research proved fascinating to the fact-obsessed and hype-averse national and business press – gaining coverage in high-value titles.

The results

Since January 2019, Positive has secured over 450 dedicated articles in titles including The BBC, The Independent, The New Statesman, The Register and Information Age.

In addition, Positive continues to achieve regular technology trade coverage in Computer Weekly, CBR, SC Magazine, IoT Now and ComputerWorldUK. Thanks to Positive, Sectigo ALWAYS has something relevant and compelling to say to the UK press. On any one day, Positive drives up to nine pieces of coverage for Sectigo.