Paving the ‘Road to Compliance’


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Award winning campaign

Our challenge

Challenger banks are not the only worry for the high street banking juggernauts, who are shedding customers, branches and staff. With more than 40 regulations introduced in the financial services (FS) industry since the 2008 financial crisis, compliance and IT teams in larger banks have been competing against time to deliver effective compliance reporting data.

Cutting through and reaching core banking influencers was no easy task. Therefore, a traditional email, PR, or social campaign was not going to directly generate leads. Delphix needed content which was exciting to read, to gain credibility for its point of view, and a customer journey which was easy to measure. For both Positive and Delphix this was uncharted territory, both had to take risks to make it work.

Our response

Delphix needed industry specific information to support its sales lead generation efforts in European, Middle East and African banks. To align Delphix’s proposition with the key issues of compliance in the FS industry, Positive created and executed an integrated account-based marketing campaign covering research, email, social content and PR.

This survey focused particularly on the use of legacy technology for compliance reporting and the struggles many have to get those systems fit for reporting. This core pain point was accurate, as it troubled many banks who were using a mix of old and new technology to source, test and submit data to the regulator.

Underpinned with fresh market insight from the survey, Positive suggested compliance in the FS space was like a ‘car journey’, using the Highway Code theme throughout the resulting 16-page eBook. This Highway Code concept had the benefit of being both easily recognisable throughout EMEA.

The results

Setting a target of generating 150 net new leads within five months, this campaign had to deliver awareness, create a long-lasting sales asset and deliver actual sales pipeline. After just three months, Positive Marketing’s ‘Road to Compliance’ campaign generated over 200 leads including technology and compliance executives at ING, HSBC, Bank of Ireland and Santander.

As importantly, Positive empowered Delphix to hammer home the importance of data masking and virtualisation, positioning their sales teams to explain how, when applied appropriately, a bank can use their data to supercharge reporting with pinpoint accuracy.