Tech PR

Sep 2023

When you don’t need Tech PR

Written By Paul Maher


It may surprise you to learn Positive thinks not all Tech firms need sophisticated agency-led PR.  Certainly not in isolation.

We save our clients money where an alternative to PR works. We can do this because we offer media relations in the context of a broad range of marketing services which we also offer. This means we can afford to be brutally honest. So here is our guide which we hope answers the original question of the value of PR in today’s tech market.

Needs PR

Established company announcing new product to new customers

New category launch

Launching new product to existing customers

Thought leadership to new, high-growth community


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Leadership changes based on high-growth with good back story

Big brand customers signing for the first time


May need PR

Bootstrapped start-up pre product market fit

Established company dropping new product to existing customers

Thought leadership to existing, high-growth community

*New, post ‘22* Start-up raising high Seed to Series B funding

Leadership replacement for good leaver

Big brand customers re-upping their commitment after success (with spokesperson)


Does not merit PR

100 percent Product-Led-Growth company (Basic product, only online signups)

*New, post ‘22* start-up raising low Seed to Series B funding

Thought leadership to existing, low-growth community

Leadership changes based on bad leavers

Reduction in Force (RIF) announcements

No brand customer wins

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