Feb 2024

You AIn’t Different and that’s a problem

Written by Paul Maher

You AIn’t Different and that’s a problem

There’s oceans of AI copy around. But not a lot of originality.

How do we know? We used AI of course…

We took the Mission Statements of the 20 top-rated AI companies and analysed the copy for originality and cut-through. We ignored obvious words like ‘the’ and ‘we’,  and conjunctions like ‘and/or/but’. Still, the similarities were striking, almost deliberate, as if the copy itself was written by a bot.

Why does this matter?

We think today’s glut of media excitement and the ‘dry powder’ investment funds which powered the current valuations of so many tech companies are stalling. So far, we’ve seen just the first stage of a fight for category dominance.

To win out, as always, somebody needs to lose. But picking winners is complicated, especially when it is hard to detect any real difference between players. Look at these raw statistics

Top 10 words used in AI Mission Statements

You might think the descriptive adjectives used in AI firms’ Mission Statements are a little more creative. They’re not.

Top 10 adjectives used in AI Mission Statements


In what looks like B2B tech’s greatest innovation wave ever, the chance of category leadership is slim . So why are so many AI players replicating each others’ positioning?

Laziness? Groupthink? Copycatting?

Be fearful when others are greedy

Our advice? Think of what’s to come. Build out a distinctive, highly-differentiated messaging framework and point out how your AI solutions stand alone in an ocean of seemingly safe sameness. Seize tomorrow today.

Positive’s bespoke campaigns point out the differences that matter to very specific audiences of buyers, not faceless crowds. We’ve worked with over 100 B2B tech companies, some for the best part of a decade. Their executives know we deliver, sharp, short, singular strategy and communications.

We know what AI is good for and what it sucks at.

Those who don’t know this AIn’t truly different. Maybe they just can’t see it yet. But their customers can and will see through the AI hype.

Let our team of human experts make a positive difference. Reach out for real by calling, emailing or online.

*This data is based on an analysis of mission statements from the leading AI companies. It is not intended to be representative of the entire AI industry.

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