Oct 2023

Why you should consider a career in PR

Written by Phoebe Campbell-Rees

Why you should consider a career in PR

Turning chattyness into a superpower

Were you that kid in school who couldn’t resist engaging in conversations in class, the one often told off for talking too much? Or maybe you’re the type who thrives on socialising, finding genuine pleasure in interacting with new people every day. If this resonates with you, then welcome to the world of Public Relations (PR), where your natural attributes can flourish into a creative and fulfilling career.

After a brief stint in retail management, I remember vividly helping with a store opening where the press came to cover the event. Dealing with the media and navigating the interviews given to them, I realised something- I was in the wrong job, luckily I simultaneously realised what the right one was- PR

Suddenly, those traits that once seemed like distractions became prized assets in an industry that values communication, sociability, and creativity. While teamwork, time management, and organisation are essential in any job, it’s the scarcity of roles that truly harness your interpersonal skills and imagination that makes a career in PR truly unique. For me, PR is one of the few professions that allows me to embrace my personality. Sure, you have to be professional, but you certainly don’t have to put on an ‘act’ of the rigid, robotic processor because being yourself is pretty key to building these all-important relationships.

The key to success in PR lies in nurturing connections—establishing and maintaining those crucial relationships. It’s a realm where individuals thrive on developing networks, generating fresh and innovative ideas, and enjoying the dynamic nature of managing multiple projects simultaneously.

The PR work culture

More than just a profession, the PR world is full of vibrant personalities. Whether it’s your clients or your colleagues, the people you surround yourself with play a pivotal role in job satisfaction. So when considering what career to go for, don’t overlook the importance of finding your people in the workplace. PR has the added benefit of being the perfect blend of the corporate world’s intriguing, fast-paced and dynamic nature, while also being limitless with opportunities for creativity and social engagement.

Powerful and intentional communication is a skill, one that shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of its significance or overlooked in terms of its complexity. Helping clients figure out how best to add to important conversations, where they want to fit in the space and who they should be talking to. This is a complex puzzle that is so rewarding to figure out. So for those who want to combine their interpersonal skills with the creative, look no further than a career in PR.

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