Nov 2023

The battle of apple vs android has heated up

Written by Lauren Lethbridge

The battle of apple vs android has heated up

Apple has unveiled its plans to roll out RCS, Rich Communication Services, support next year, promising a messaging experience to outshine the ordinary SMS or MMS.

This is a reaction to pressure from the EU’s new Digital Markets Act, pushed by their competitors. However, instead of letting others adopt iMessage, Apple will continue to allow SMS to run alongside it – meaning Android users are stuck with their infamous green bubbles. 

According to the tech whisperers, an Apple spokesperson spilt the tea, emphasising that RCS is the go-to for users wanting to shoot messages across rival phones. This doesn’t mean they’re ditching the iconic iMessage, this is set to stay put as the ultimate Fort Knox of messaging for Apple users.

Get the message 

Cue Google, the Android mastermind, banging on Apple’s door for RCS integration. Google’s “get the message” is all about security.  No encryption, no security – Google wants better for all of us. Could this whole campaign be put down to Android users’ jealousy over the negative connotations associated with the green bubble

The Digital Markets Act

Here’s where the plot thickens. The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) throws its weight into the ring, nudging Apple to get on the RCS train. Major digital players must play nice, letting users easily interact across platforms. This proves that Apple’s RCS revelation isn’t just a response to Google’s pleas, it’s a response to the EU’s regulations – they got there before they were made to. 

The messaging game is about to get a major facelift. With RCS on the horizon, prepare for a new era where messages are flowing effortlessly between android and Apple.. However, we haven’t quite ditched the green bubbles yet, is yet to come? 

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