Aug 2020

Where is tech’s post Covid opportunity?

Written by Paul Maher

Where is tech’s post Covid opportunity?

Among all the horrors of the pandemic crisis, there has been a positive for Positive. The visibility of B2B Tech has risen. US public stock markets are today dominated by tech firms, some valued as highly as any company has ever been, despite centuries of industrial innovation. 

Many question if this is a stock market bubble. Others see it as the justified and long-anticipated rise of the geeks as they disrupt long-established, but woefully uncompetitive, companies in sectors sheltered by calmer economic waters. 

Whatever the truth, one facet of B2B Tech makes the deep tech-loving team at Positive rejoice. Software is by its nature flexible and will adapt to changing times. When carefully crafted, it enables business innovators to react to changes good or bad, fast. So it has proved with our clients. Many of them have spotted complicated, but unmet needs in the issues facing business leaders as they grapple with WFH and return-to-work. The new different needs different tech.

Here are three recent examples we have worked on, showing how a little agility during a crisis can represent a major sales opportunity, if your agency can provide a fresh perspective and help you change strategy fast.

A brand new workspace

Our client a fast-growing scaleup in office management software realised early the need to reassure nervous returners amongst white collar office workers. Traditionally it sold office occupancy and space management solutions to commercial real estate agents and facilities management professionals. Suddenly with lockdown and some nifty product modifications and a changed PR emphasis, interest and RFPs were flooding in from new buyers in IT and HR roles at large employers across major cities.

Testing times

We recently worked on a project for a health tech firm looking to branch out from its traditional pharma and health professional channel. It had spotted a new opportunity to offer its COVID-antibody tests direct to workers, funded by their employers. With interest building in the nationals, the timing was perfect to insert our client into the debate.

Seeing the future of work

The most radical pivot we have so far seen was from an industrial analytics client, who combined what they had built, an amazing analytics suite in use at heavy industry plants, with a new innovation from one of their team. This meant a complete rethink of their Go-To-Market strategy, buyer personas and messaging. Now they have a very differentiated offering, targeted outside of their usual buyers, opening up brand new markets, with our guidance on lead generation, category positioning and PR.

In the New Different all of us in tech are facing, our ability to move fast and solve new emerging problems is often what sets up apart. All of us need to experiment and at Positive we are all onboard with this. All three of these clients were taken on by us on a project basis. We know, as B2B Tech leaders, opportunities knock, even in a crisis. If you are trying out new offerings in the market and want to give us our next ‘new different’ challenge. Bring it on.

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