Mar 2018

Taking a fresh look at GDPR

Written by Paul Maher

Taking a fresh look at GDPR

As PR and content experts, we have been more than aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for some time now. Like many regulations, it is transformative and ushers in a new era of the way we collate and share Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Those tasked with protecting our liberty as everyday, hardworking citizens have had a decent grasp on the importance of data for some time now. However, organisations have taken some time to catch up. Welcome, GDPR. This new regulation, which replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, is designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy. It’s a big deal.
You can imagine the number of marketers and PRs that have had a field day with this topic, but to what level of success? Part of what makes creating a campaign off the back of a massive regulation such as GDPR challenging is the sheer amount of content already saturating the market. They say ‘content is King’, but we believe content can also be shocking and too much of it will lead to decision paralysis. So, how do we ensure, with our PR hats on, we are responding to a genuine buyer concern, rather than adding to the noise.
While we can’t tell you our secret sauce, we can say that cutting through this ‘content shock’ to ensure our message resonates with its target audiences is our modus operandi. It comes down to effective storytelling as well as positing the content in a tangible and recognisable reality.
We cut through the hype, and set our interest onto the nuances between different tech companies and their GDPR solutions. Why? Because these nuances help us cut through. By working with Nuix to tease out its value proposition for GDPR and understand what makes Nuix different, we were able to create a campaign with the power to resonate.
For Nuix, a powerful software platform for indexing, searching, analysing and extracting knowledge from unstructured data, this meant helping its customers and prospects to see GDPR through fresh eyes and demonstrate Nuix’s ability to provide prospects with the visibility to act. Famous writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said: It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data’ – this is the the Nuix speciality.
You can take a look at our work here and see for yourself.

Here are some of our tips for realising great content creation:
Soak in it – question everything
Polished content creators are curious by nature. They’ve learned to be curious about the internal knowledge they already have and the external information that’s being promoted out in the world. It’s the insights that come from this inherent curiosity that makes great content.
“You need to be curious to identify problems worth solving,” says Lorraine Twohill, head of marketing at Google, “and then come up with new solutions.” It’s these proposed solutions to age-old problems that gets content creators on the radar.
Get in the habit of questioning the status quo by constantly playing devil’s advocate. Taking the contrarian view of a piece of content can be difficult at first, but if you start to question why the author thinks this way and what happened in the industry that triggered this viewpoint, you’ll begin to think more critically about the content you’re consuming. And if you didn’t know, critical thinkers make great content creators.
Have a VERY clear idea of how you’re going to get it out there
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