Jun 2023

Tech Trendsetters: Navigating the Latest Regulatory Landscape

Written by Lucy Clarkson

Tech Trendsetters: Navigating the Latest Regulatory Landscape

Staying up to date with regulations that affect the tech industry is crucial to ensure you have the best possible knowledge and background for your client. It’s also important to guarantee you stay compliant with any GDPR or legislation that may affect your business.

Establish reliable sources

Identify key regulatory bodies and industry associations relevant to the tech industry, such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI). Regularly visit their websites or subscribe to their newsletters for updates.

Follow industry-specific publications

Subscribe to reputable tech-focused publications, such as TechCrunch, Wired, Bloomberg or Reuters, which often cover regulatory developments. They provide insights, analysis, and news related to technology, including legal and policy matters.

Engage in professional networks

Join industry forums, attend conferences, and participate in relevant webinars. Networking with professionals in the tech and legal sectors can help you stay informed about emerging regulations and their implications.

Monitor government websites

Regularly check government websites, particularly those of regulatory agencies and legislative bodies, for announcements, proposed regulations, and public consultations. Most governments have dedicated portals for accessing regulatory information.

Leverage social media

Follow relevant regulatory agencies, industry experts, and legal professionals on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. They often share timely updates and insights on regulatory developments. Also follow any relevant hashtags and businesses which will post about new regulations or bills

Join industry associations

Become a member of industry associations and trade groups that focus on the tech sector. These organisations often have dedicated committees or working groups that monitor and advocate for regulatory matters affecting the industry.

Monitor global developments

Technology companies operate in a global market, so it’s essential to keep an eye on regulatory developments beyond your local jurisdiction. Stay informed about international standards, data protection laws, and emerging regulations worldwide.

Regulatory landscapes can change rapidly, so it’s crucial to allocate regular time for staying up to date. By employing a combination of these strategies, you can ensure that you stay fully up to date with any regulatory changes that could affect your business or your client.

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