May 2021

Positive is recruiting: are you ready for Leadership? Want to take control of your career?

Written by Paul Maher

Positive is recruiting: are you ready for Leadership? Want to take control of your career?

Positive is in a very good place. We have had ten years of solid trading as an independent tech PR and content consultancy, a diverse team of young, motivated and ambitious professionals. We have built a range of services clients love, but very few agencies could come up with, let alone match. 

Already, we hit the Top 20 in B2B Tech and our first quarter of 2021 saw growth YoY at 150%. Impressive at a time when the average competitors in our space declined 8%, according to PR Week. Oh, and we were shortlisted last month for three PR awards. We are anticipating a very good year.

A client recently described Positive as “The best of the best”. But we didn’t get where we are now by lacking ambition or resting on past glories. We are hungry for more.

That may be where you come in. We are looking for new senior and aspiring-to-be-senior talent to join our team. Solid contributors who know enough tech PR to be dangerous, yet crave the support of a switched-on leadership team who can take their proven skills to the next level. 

So, even if you have yet to reach your full potential, if the description below sounds like you, we are all ears. After all, what’s to lose from an informal conversation?


If you have proven your tech PR prowess and you can point to success as part of a team driving results and making clients happy, we are for you. Positive offers a chance to develop your leadership skills faster than anywhere else. With our diverse range of international clients, our talented junior executives need your experience and guidance to continue our excellent client service reputation. 

We would like to see evidence of team programmes you have run, or been responsible for plus a passion for delivery with attention to detail. 

We can offer you the chance to build a team in your mould and contribute to our winning culture via progression to the leadership team. Send your CV to [email protected] without delay and let’s accelerate your career.


Do you see yourself running an entire agency in the near future? Do you have what it takes to assume full P&L responsibility, to lead teams into New Business forays, to drive agency strategy on an international level? 

If this sounds like where you want to get to and cannot at your current agency environment, we have to speak. Few consultancies have experienced our level of growth and it feels like the time is right to take Positive to its rightful leadership position. 

We can offer you intensive coaching from a senior leadership team on everything from selling to team development, service innovation to how this disruptive industry runs at the highest levels. We also like fun, so we don’t hire ‘stuffed suits’.

If you think this could be a good fit for your future growth. Let’s discuss. Drop a line to [email protected] without delay and let’s put you at the helm of our fast-growing success story.

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