Sep 2016

Positive & Moorgate create Fintech alliance

Written by Paul Maher

Positive & Moorgate create Fintech alliance

Two specialist content and PR agencies create partnership for building the complete thought‐leadership agency for fintechs

Positive Marketing has announced a strategic partnership with Moorgate Communications to serve the burgeoning fintech market. Both London‐based agencies, the two will focus on providing marketing and communications which build on their separate agency skillsets to build a cross‐discipline service currently not available from either traditional standalone Tech or Financial Sector agencies.

“Fintechs are a specialist audience with their own communications needs,” says Moorgate CEO Robert Kelsey. “They’re increasingly rivalling banks in terms of their direct appeal to key bank targets such as corporates, Financial Institutions, Small Medium Enterprises and even retail customers. Our knowledge of these audiences, their traditional marketing and communications tactics and how they are changing as part of the complex and rapid‐fire tech world, means it makes total sense for two specialist agency teams to provide a holistic service.”

Since 2002, Moorgate Communications has focused on “communicating expertise” for the financial services industry – especially in corporate and commercial banking. Given this, much of the agency’s work has come down to thought leadership campaigns revolving around producing strong content – especially content for media placement. Clients include Deutsche Bank, UniCredit and BNY Mellon.

Meanwhile, Positive Marketing has a seven year track‐record working with leading B2B technology providers such as Cisco, HP, Symantec, SunTec and Veritas. A key role has been delivering strong expertly‐written content, as well as innovative marketing and PR strategies across a variety of channels including social media and live events.

“This is a marriage of two specialists,” says Paul Maher, CEO of Positive Marketing. “Both agencies understand the power of great content and recognise great content requires a deep understanding of the subject and context. Only truly relevant messages penetrate sophisticated audiences such as those fintechs need to influence. Only then can you gain the trust of specialist editors and influencers across what was until recently two different editorial worlds. That’s why working together with the team at Moorgate makes total sense.”

The alliance is being launched at Sibos in Geneva.
Paul Maher, CEO – Positive Marketing [email protected]
Robert Kelsey, CEO – Moorgate [email protected]

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