Jul 2018

Northern Powerhouse or Dynamo?

Written by Paul Maher

Northern Powerhouse or Dynamo?

Competition is great. It built Silicon Valley and drove this small island to create massive innovations like the steam engine, the world’s first commercial computer, nuclear fission and graphene. What will it do for UK jobs and our economic productivity?

The North West has its Northern Powerhouse, backed by former UK chancellor and current The Standard editor, George Osborne. While its backers, including a baron, formerly of Goldman Sachs, are busy sucking in Government funds and attracting new tech employers, others are not to be outdone.

The North East, is home to the UK’s largest software firm, Sage and boasts centres of excellence for Accenture, DXC and others, built up from its role as a hub for the digitization of the UK’s tax collector, HMRC. It recently also hosted Dynamo 18, where Positive founder, Paul Maher, recently co-presented a panel on Tech Marketing, with senior executives from FinancialForce and Lovell Group.

The point here is the North East is deadly serious about staking its claim on the UK’s tech future. The team behind Dynamo has already raised £42m from Government lobbying and is putting this to great use, creating a brand new technical academy and breaking ground on the impressive National Innovation Centre for Data.

The event which boasted 600 attendees from near and far, was keynoted by Digital Minister, now Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, the son of IT entrepreneurs. We all know that events do not economic miracles make, but they can move hearts, minds and even whole developers. If ‘The Toon’ can continue its journey to being a real hub for technology, the Northern Powerhouse and the others better get ready for some competition. And the great thing is, competition is what might just make UK tech great again.

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