Oct 2017

A whole new Positive world

Written by Paul Maher

A whole new Positive world

When we first opened our doors, a decade ago, the goal was simple; build the go-to integrated PR/Social/Content shop for UK tech firms.

We’ve won clients and projects from the largest global agencies and stolen awards from under their noses. It was a decent start for us as a Tech PR firm.

Positive grew as tech went mainstream and our global approach appealed, from Helsinki to Wellington. Knowing how hard it is to scale excellent service levels, we hesitated. From the offset, Positive attracted US clients – now they demanded we replicate our UK results in their own backyard. We took the plunge, extending our reach to the US and for the last three years have selectively supported US clients who need Positive services in the Land of the Free.

The demand from customers kept coming. We needed to do more. So we created our Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) hub, a best-of-breed network of like-minded agencies linked by customer need and driven by a common interest in great results for enterprise tech companies. What do we mean by best-of-breed? We offer two or more on-the-ground alternatives in major markets and scale support up and down as client needs change. It’s flexible and keeps us on our toes. Win-win
Let’s pause for a minute to consider the advantages such an approach offers over traditional ‘agency networks’;

  1. No passengers – Unlike networks, we don’t work with agencies who cannot deliver. With a network, it is ‘All or nothing’, most often, nothing.
  2. Glocal – Reporting in English, with native-language content, peppered with local market knowledge to ensure centrally-developed messages are relevant in local markets.
  3. Mix and Match – With alternative suppliers in France, Germany and Sweden, should we need come to change things up, we can, fast.
  4. One throat to choke – With proven processes to monitor performance, drive results and deliver coverage via state-of-the-art online reporting tools, you only need to tell us once.
  5. Step on, Step off – Most clients work to tight budgets, we do too. Turning on projects in far-flung territories only when needed stretches budgets further.

With EMEA hub clients headquartered from France, India, Romania and the US, we are spreading our wings. Why not fly with us? What’s next? Coming soon – Positive’s APAC hub.

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