Nov 2023

Journalists meet Positive

Written by Ellie Dibdin

Journalists meet Positive

The Must-attend Event for Good Times, Great Connections, and er, Bingo

Positive’s annual journalist drinks took place earlier this month in Mayfair. The team hosted a lively gathering of journalists from media outlets including the BBC, Daily Mail, and IT Pro.

The well-attended event united experienced and up-and-coming journalists all mingling with their journalism peers, covering anything from politics, insurance, cybersecurity and general day to day news. 

For us, F2F events with journalists allows us to not only improve relationships and meet their colleagues, and allows us to thank them face-to-face for their attention to our growing client list. In a world where too many legacy PRs hide behind keyboards, it feels great to show the real us, the people behind the screens. 

The evening kicked off with an icebreaker game of “people bingo,” which had everyone laughing and chatting as they tried to find their fellow journalists who matched certain descriptions. Now, for everyone wondering what ‘people bingo’ is, it involves having a bingo card that swaps numbers for individual attributes you must find about someone else, for example, finding someone in the room with the same eye colour or birth month as you. First person to complete a full house wins. Who doesn’t love a bit of PR/ Journalist competitiveness with prizes to be won?

Journalist drinks

The Party Rolls On: Fun and Conversations Continue

As the evening progressed and drinks flowed the braver amongst us enjoying a few shots to keep spirits high. Engaging conversations ensued, ranging from discussions about the state of tech journalism, the election, the insurance industry and we even saw an up close and personal live AI Co-pilot demo. It was a fascinating insight as to how best to interact and pitch journalists at all levels. 

We were graced with heartwarming compliments about our work. One prominent journalist commended us for our thorough research before reaching out and for only pitching topics that align with their interests. This touching testament to our dedication in fostering strong relationships with journalists, thrilled the team.

It was also reassuring to hear we clearly portray our industry understanding – something mentioned to us multiple times throughout the night.  One journalist who described us as an extremely proactive agency in responding to editorial requests. We are all friends here. 

This annual  event has proved a resounding success, offering journalists a chance to connect, socialise, and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and informal setting devoid of pitching. Overall we left feeling connected, refreshed, and ready to tackle the next big story our clients present to us. While this may be our annual event, it doesn’t imply that we cease communicating with journalists for the remaining 364 days of the year. We are always engaged in conversations with journalists, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions/ thoughts or feedback. Get ready for our next event, you won’t want to miss it!

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