Jul 2023

How to stand out from the crowd in PR

Written by Phoebe Campbell-Rees

How to stand out from the crowd in PR

There are 6 PR’s for every journalist in the UK, in a sea of many, standing out from the crowd is essential.

This can be even more tricky when for many journalists, PR’s are pesky pitch writers flooding their inboxes. Getting journalists to realise your value, requires them opening up that email or picking up that phone in the first place. So how to stand out?!

Getting noticed in a sea of many

Make yourself more than that subject line, you are a human, show them that. Adding a headshot to your email or Twitter really helps to humanise you and makes you more memorable in every interaction. This over time, creates familiarity and increases your chances that your email or message will stand out to them in the future. As far as the content of that email goes, show them you know what they write about, and what they’re interested in and get to the point, succinctly. Journalists are brilliant at sharing how they want to be contacted, their news beat and their life interests. Connect on those levels. We all work in the same industry, you’re bound to have a lot in common. Doing all this leads to a positive working relationship with each journalist, who understands that what you bring is valuable, accurate and high-level

Often in PR, it is joked that the P stands for Private Relations, I’d argue it stands for Personal. In the same way, every journalist has their writing style, column, beat and specialism, PRs do too. Individuality is key, as this is an industry where creativity, intellect and communication skills are key. where possible, try and demonstrate that, don’t be afraid to offer high-level thoughts on a news topic, do tell journalists how much you enjoy their writing, and think outside the box as to how your clients can help them enhance their knowledge or story

Never be disheartened, in a sea of many there are always opportunities to stand out. 

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