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We don’t want to work with you, but…

Written by Elliot Harrison

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time to review results and plan for 2019.  As you work hard to make sure your B2B tech PR and marketing campaigns had efficacy and created results throughout 2018, maybe you’re in need of some helpful tips to make certain you’re on the right track for 2019?

If so, read on!

Below is our decision-making infographic for those of you shaping up your 2019 marketing plans. Please use with our compliments.

Of course, we would be delighted if you called us for help but we not expect a flood of leads.

We do hope our process flow is useful for reviewing what worked and did not last year. You will notice the dependency on human decision making. In the increasingly Artificially Intelligent profession of marketing, we ‘humans in the loop’, can still add value.

After a decade of winning and losing agency reviews, we hold ourselves to account using SMART metrics and OKRs to up our game continuously. Yet, ‘gut feel’ is a powerful reason humans, not tech, still rule the world. Still, a little process never hurt anybody, right?

A few words before you dive into weighing up last year and planning next.

The only way to do this is with radical honesty

B2B Tech PR and Marketing isn’t easy, so you need to be honest about what worked and crucially what didn’t, and why. That’s we included the ‘Was it Me?’ checkbox in the process. Ask yourself if your team’s indecisiveness, unclear direction or sheer ‘busyness’ stopped results happening. Address this first or no agency change will be able to change the results.

Come prepared with data

It is now best-practice to use tools to measure the effectiveness of B2B Tech PR, Social and Marketing campaigns using data. Even today though, relating these ‘results’ to actual leads can be troublesome, but in most B2B Tech firms the sales are rare enough that it is worth chasing their origin back to the source. Ask yourself if you are able to attribute your sales to marketing or PR activity you have undertaken, if not, why not?

Move decisively, but maybe not all in…

Don’t fall in love with the review process. Complex pitch ‘beauty parades’ and drawn out ‘decisions by committee’ make some budget-holders feel important. It shouldn’t. The objective here is to drive more results. So, decide based on a pre-written set of criteria, onboard quickly and if you need to set a project for the initial stages, so you can validate your decision to change, do so. 

Oh and in the spirit of sharing, feedback to those you did not make it. With any luck, you won’t need our services immediately. We want you to stop and think about results.

However, after following the process, if you feel your B2B tech PR or Marketing isn’t working for you. Maybe, it is time for a change. Please feel free to Think Positive and get in touch using the form below or ping us a message here: hello@positivemarketing.com