EfficientIP - Case Study

The challenge

Network security specialist, EfficientIP, needed to build on its ‘Smart DDI’ category, making its solution business-relevant through storytelling, and it needed to get closer to the vertical press in both the UK and US, namely the banking, telecommunications and retail tech press. EfficientIP also needed help having its voice heard amongst the GDPR noise in the months leading up to the pivotal implementation of the regulation.

Our response

Positive simplified the EfficientIP story through monthly blogs, developed structured trendjacking and led EfficientIP owned research to add to its thought leadership.

To cut through the GDPR clutter, Positive created a campaign. This involved designing a messaging theme to establish and communicate EfficientIP’s PoV on GDPR, a survey creation and output from the research, including a core asset creation, blogging and contributed articles, along with media relations.

The theme for the campaign was drawn from research showing it typically takes 99 days before a data breach is detected. This means organisations had until the 15th of February, exactly 100 days before May 25th 2018, which we called X-Day, short for data exfiltration day – the day not complying with GDPR may cost organisations their business.

Positive identified dates to introduce the X-Day theme and distribute the new data to create a rolling thunder ahead of February 15th and secured coverage on Data Privacy Day as well as during the Winter Olympics. This raised anticipation and awareness ahead of the February 15th launch.

The results

Blogs and press coverage in renowned publications helped raise website traffic. Careful consideration of keywords and meta description in each blog post contributed to improved SEO. We secured coverage in the national and business press, such as The HuffPost, and core IT titles, including New Statesman Tech, Information Age and Computer Weekly. We broke down thought leadership into target verticals, reaching the financial services, retail, telecommunications, education and recruitment sectors.

Principally driving this coverage was media relations using the research and seizing trendjacking opportunities, which included rapid responses to the WannaCry ransomware attack, the Equifax news, the Winter Olympics, as well as securing interviews with BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours, The Great British Entrepreneurs Awards and IDG Connect.

Positive’s X-Day campaign media relations generated 30 pieces of coverage, 25 of which were generated in under 30 days, and contributed to XX report downloads.